Crimea Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. 2013 Vol. 3, №3-4 (11-12)

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  • Издательство:  КГМУ (КМИ)
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  • Код товара:  03193-01
  • ISBN/EAN 03193

75р.  150р.

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  • Характеристики
  • Место изданияСимферополь
  • Год издания2013
  • ПереплетМягкий
  • ФорматОчень большой
  • Количество страниц56
  • СостояниеОтличное
  • ЯзыкАнглийский
  • Bezrukov S. G., Grygoryeva T. S., Lokyav M. G. - Results of surgical treatment of facial sebaceous cysts by the sparing method of cystostomy;
  • Bezrukov S. G., Balabantseva A. N. - The state of general and local immunity in patients with chronic odontogenic sinusitis;
  • Irza O. L., Zhadko S. I., Neprelyuk O. A., Kolbasin P. N., Kushnir K. G. - The indicators of Schiller and Pisarev test in clinical estimation of the state of peri-implant tissues during the use of fixed dentures based on cobalt-chromium alloy and zirconium dioxide;
  • Kobets T. V., Yakovenko V. V. - Prognostic significance of stature-weight values in development of obesity in children;
  • Kutuzova L. A., Pikalyuk V. S., Kaladze N. N., Zagorulko A. K., Zayhcenko A. I., Belotserkovsky V. P. - Features of anatomical structure of the myocard in experimental animals with modeled adjuvant arthritis;
  • Kuzmenko T. V., Kobets T. V., Lebedeva O. V., Luzin A. V., Silina V. V. - Criteria for the right ventricle inadaptability to exercize stress in patients with congenital heart defects under echocardiogram control;
  • Likhachev S., Elenskaya S., Antonenko A. - Changes of the dural sac diameter in extension of the lumbar (spine) MRI and ITS clinical value;
  • Parkhomenko A. I., Melnichenko E. V., Moroz G. A., Bogenov V. A., Averkova A. V. - Conservative correction of ideocrathic scoliosis with the remote effect of stabilizing;
  • Nepreluk O. A., Zadko S. I., Kolbasin P. N., Bobkova S. A., Irza O. L., Severinova S. K. - Change of the salivation rate in patients with peptic ulcer disease and duodenal ulces after placement of endoosseus implants;
  • Ovcharenko E. N., Zhadko S. I., Kolbasin P. N., Glushkova O. V., Krylova E. A., Dryga A. N. - Reculiarity of the orthopedic treatment of patients with type-2diabetes mellitus with fixed structures of different metal alloys with use of probiotic bifidumbakterin;
  • Shybanov S. E. - The influence of the environment quality on the health of population in Crimea;
  • Shibanov S. E., Kozulya S. V., Yaschenko S. G., Steblevskiy V. A. - Estimation of efficiency of the computer program "Testmaker" for controlling the students` knowledge;
  • Sukhareva G. E., Sakhno Ye. M. - Rare cardiomyopathy in children manifested by cardiac arrhythmia and contractile impairment (cases from practice);
  • Sukhareva G. E., Sakhno Ye. M. - Cardiac echinococcosis in a child (a practical case);
  • Zadnipryany I. R., Tretyakova O. S., Sataieva T. P., Gauk I. V. - Hemic hypoxia effect on newborn rats myocardium


Crimea Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. 2013 Vol. 3, №1-2 (9-10)

Crimea Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. 2...

75р. 150р.

Boyarkina A. V., Potapov A. L., Babanin A. A. - Psychological condition of patients affects the inte..

Место издания - Симферополь / Год издания - 2013 / Переплет - Мягкий / Формат - Очень большой / Количество страниц - 48
Место издания Симферополь
Год издания 2013
Переплет Мягкий
Формат Очень большой
Количество страниц 56
Состояние Отличное
Язык Английский

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